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Your Personalized Rx for Great Sleep!

Still Not a Great Sleeper? I am the queen of sleep! Aside from offering my you, my amazing & completely natural sleep aide, I've taken the liberty of throwing together a few more tips for you! 
Of course, you can also read more about my 10 sleep affirmationsor check out these 10 bonus tips about getting yourself some quality sleep.

Enjoy a deeper sleep with throw rugs and drapes! Do you often wake up feeling foggy and fatigued?

➡️Get throw rugs, display more pictures on the walls or hang thick drapes on bedroom windows and you'll deepen your sleep and awake energized!

It works! 
Bare walls, floors and windows create "reverberating" noise, making even light footsteps echo awaken you, reports 'The Journal Noise & Health'.

➡️Put on a sleep mask!

Even dim light can interfere with the sleep hormone melatonin. A sleep mask blocks light so well, many hospitals give them to patients to ensure they sleep soundly!

       2.  Overcome insomnia genes by walking bris…

Easing Into Exercise

Work Toward an Exercise Goal!
You should start with a goal in mind - moderate exercise for 45 minutes daily.

That'sπŸ‘†πŸ½ the amount that has been shown to deliver real health benefits.

Now, decide the best way to get started and how quickly you can progress toward that goal.

✅Make exercise a habit:

Once exercise becomes a daily part of your life, you may very well wonder why you ever lived without it...but that won't happen over night.

Begin with these simple tipsπŸ‘‡πŸ½  to start including activity in your day.

Make time to "play"! Whether it's basketball πŸ€ in the driveway or tag with the kids, play is a great way to inject activity into your day.Pick something you like! Hate the treadmill? Go for a scenic walk along the river πŸš£πŸΌ  instead. Look for ways to make the activites you already like more active.Start slow and build up. Start with three 10-minute segments. Gradually add time or intensity to your activity every week. You'll not only see results sooner, y…