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Your Personalized Rx for Great Sleep!

Still Not a Great Sleeper?

I am the queen of sleep! Aside from offering my you, my amazing & completely natural sleep aide, I've taken the liberty of throwing together a few more tips for you! 

Of course, you can also read more about my 10 sleep affirmations or check out these 10 bonus tips about getting yourself some quality sleep.

  1. Enjoy a deeper sleep with throw rugs and drapes!

Do you often wake up feeling foggy and fatigued?

➡️Get throw rugs, display more pictures on the walls or hang thick drapes on bedroom windows and you'll deepen your sleep and awake energized!

It works! 

Bare walls, floors and windows create "reverberating" noise, making even light footsteps echo awaken you, reports 'The Journal Noise & Health'.

➡️Put on a sleep mask!

Even dim light can interfere with the sleep hormone melatonin. A sleep mask blocks light so well, many hospitals give them to patients to ensure they sleep soundly!


       2.  Overcome insomnia genes by walking briskly!

 Have a close relative with the same insomnia as you? πŸ’€

Research in the journal SLEEP reveals inherited genes can make your brain extra-sensitive to stress, so it's harder to fall asleep and stay asleep!

The fix: Walk briskly for 20 minutes each day!

It works! Exercise is a healthy form of stress, which, done regularly, trains your body and brain to be less reactive to other stressors, so they're less likely to interrupt slumber.

Lunch with friends!

Inherited insomnia ups the risk of the blues, another sleep saboteur! Face-to-face contact with friends keeps you upbeat by making you feel supported and cared for, 'The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society reports'.

      3. Sleep through the night with compression stockings!

Near, at or past menopause?

Mayo Clinic pros say ~ low estrogen ups the risk of sleep apnea, breathing pauses that awaken you briefly again and again! The Rx: Wear compression knee stockings!

It works! 

The snug stockings reduce fluid buildup in your legs during the day, so less flows up to your neck as you lie flat in bed! As a result, your airways stay open, nixing the breathing problems behind sleep apnea!

Gently massage your neck, too!

Rubbing the ridge at the back of your skull for 10 minutes one hour before bed improves sleep in menopausal women 22%, possibly by releasing a sleep-regulating hormone that dips when your estrogen level drops!

       4. Fall asleep faster by pacing your TV viewing!

Stick to two episodes of your favorite show and turn it off two hours before bed, and you'll fall asleep faster and enjoy better sleep, reveals the 'Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine'.

It works! Watching three or more episodes in a row makes it harder to fall asleeo because the characters and storyline are designed to create tension! Watching fewer episodes and turning off the TV long before you turn in allows your brain to "cool down," says study co-author Jan Van den Bulck, Ph.D.

    5. Slim down and sleep better by eating more eggs!

Cutting fat and calories to lose weight?

Unfortunately, dieting can also throw off your body's temperature-regulating mechanism, leading to less sleep.

The solution? Eat fewer carbs and more high-protein foods. Dieting women who do sleep longer than those who don't! -- You can also learn more about that in my Facebook community {Click Here to Join}

It works! High-protein foods deliver tryptophan, which the brain converts to sleep-enhancing hormones like serotonin.

Quit smoking? Cut back on coffee, too!

 Kicked the butts and now having trouble sleeping?

Turns out, you become twice as sensitive to caffeine's alerting effects after eliminating nicotine, making one cup like drinking two cups at a time!

Cut your intake 50%, and you should reach dreamland with ease!

If you STILL need some help, click here to view my product called REST

Your friend,

Kim Ward

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